The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  1. Transport modeling and control
    • Dynamic network modeling
    • Simulation and optimization of transportation systems
    • Control and management of transportation systems
    • Traffic flow modeling
    • Vehicle routing and route planning
    • Energy consumption and emission modeling
    • Demand and choice modeling
    • Heuristic methods in optimization
    • Human factors and travel behavior
    • Advanced modeling approaches in logistics
  1. Transport economics and policy
    • Decision support analysis and operations research
    • Transportation economics and financing
    • Impact assessments and ex-post evaluation
    • Externalities modeling and economic value
    • Wider economic benefits
    • Land use and transport interactions
  1. Planning and operation
    • Public transport planning and operation
    • Transportation planning and traffic engineering
    • Safety and security
    • Travel time reliability
    • Multi-modal transportation and terminals
    • Traveler information systems
    • Sensors and automatic data collection methods
    • Survey applications
    • Rail transport systems
    • Airport and air transport operations
    • Port and maritime operations
    • City logistics
  1. Innovative solutions
    • Autonomous vehicle system applications
    • Safety aspects of autonomous driving
    • Advanced vehicular communication technologies
    • Shared mobility
    • Active travel modes and health
    • Urban mobility innovations
    • Big data and Machine Learning in transportation
    • Applications of IoT to transportation
    • Smart cities and smart mobility

5.    Connected and Automated Vehicles

6. Railway Operations Research